Positive and Negative side of Cross Platform Technology


There is various kind of technology came up in the market for mobile application technology. It is one of the major challenges for any enterprise to decide which technology to be utilized in developing the mobile application. There are many factors in deciding which technology will be best for their applications. There are two types of major technologies that have dominated the market of mobile application. Those technologies are Native and Cross Platform. There are many sub categories to these two technologies. Let focus on the Cross Platform Technologies. This is one the most developed technology across the Globe. The positive side of this technology is as follows:

  • Requires less effort and time in building the application on this technology
  • Codes can be utilized in multiple platforms
  • Life is easier for developer in developing the application on this platform
  • Adaptability of other tools in the cross platform technology is high
  • Scope of reaching out the large number of audience
  • This is not an expensive technology to develop the application
  • There will no problem in updating on this technology’s applications

The negative side of the Cross platform technology as follows:

  • Lack in good quality graphics
  • There is limitation in the use of the applications on this technology
  • User experience is not at positive note
  • Problem in synchronizing the number of feature by apple, Google

Overall the conclusion of this technology is to reach out at as many audiences in minimum cost this technology is best for you. Rapidsoft  Technologies is one of the major player in developing the various kind of mobile technology. Developing the application on cross platform technology is the speciality for this company. This company is agile and adroit in developing the application in this technology.

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